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Public Procedures

Resident registration
National Health Insurance
Public utilities
Check list for moving into Gunma University International House
Mobile phone purchase & subscription
Internet contract
Hosting Program by MIA
Application for certificates

Resident registration

Resident registration should be carried out within 14 days upon entering Japan. You can register at the municipal office in your residential area. Be sure to take your resident card and passport.

Maebashi city → Maebashi City Office, Main Building, Public Affairs Division No. 6 Counter
Kiryu city → Kiryu City Hall, Shimin-ka, Jumin-gakari
Ota city → Ota City Hall, Shimin-ka, No. 5 Counter, Foreign Resident Registratio

National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance (NHI) is mandatory for international students. You should apply for NHI coverage immediately after your resident registration is completed. An insurance certificate will then be issued to you. With this certificate, you will only have to pay 30 % of your total medical expenses when going to see a doctor or when you are hospitalized.

(e.g.) If the medical treatment costs ¥10,000
\7,000(70%) will be paid by NHI. \3,000(30%) should be paid by you at the hospital.

Public utilities

When you want to initiate gas, electricity and water service for your apartment, or if you need to register these services in your own name as the resident even if they are already available, you have to contact each respective company and/or public office. Be sure to confirm which utility company you need to contact when you sign a rental contract. Below is a list of the major utility companies and public offices.

Utility Company/Office Phone Number
Gas Tokyo Gas (Maebashi)
Kiryu Gas
Electricity Tokyo Electric Power Company (In Gunma) 0120-99-5221
Water Maebashi Water Department
Kiryu Water Department
Ota Water Department

Check list for moving into Gunma University International House

Mobile phone subscription

You can subscribe to a mobile phone at any Softbank, au, DoCoMo shops, etc., or at any major electronics retail shop.
Documents to verify your ID are necessary for a mobile phone subscription. (Necessary documents differ depending on each company.)

Internet contract

You can apply for an Internet contract at any major electronics retail shop as well as in computer shops and other related shops.

Necessary documents

Hosting Program

A Host Family in thin program does not refer to a family that you live with. Rather it refers to a family with whom you meet as an “extended family and/or friend in Japan” during your stay. If you would like to have a Host Family, you should file an application provided at the International Exchange Office.Maebashi International Association(MIA) organizes this hosting program.

With your Host Family, you will enjoy…

Various kinds of things such as having meals or going sightseeing, depending on each Host Family. You can also get advice about living in Japan or talk any personal problems or concerns with them.