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協定校交換留学(受入)申込- Application for International Students Exchange Program –

– Application for International Students Exchange Program –

Application Guidelines for University Exchange Programmes (AY 2023-2024)


1. About Exchange Programmes 交換留学について

Gunma University accept international students with which we have student exchange agreements for one semester or full year, and offer classes at Gunma University.

Duration 受入期間 1 semester or full year
○ Spring semester only: April – August
○ Fall semester only: October – February
○ Full academic year : April – February or October – August
Fee プログラム費用 Tuition and application fees are exempted while students remain enrolled at their home university where they pay the tuition fees.
Student learning time
Exchange students are required to participate in a minimum 10 hours per week of classes or research to maintain student visa status.
Please find the details of courses found in the on-line course syllabus search engine.

2. Eligibility 応募条件

① Students must be enrolled in their home university as a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student.  Students need to leave Japan and return to home university after completing exchange programmes at Gunma University.


② Students must meet the Japanese or English proficiency requirements of the exchange programme to which they apply.


Most of the undergraduate courses are instructed in Japanese.  Students must possess sufficient Japanese-language ability.

〇 The equivalent of JLPT N2 is recommended. However, this condition does not apply if the student does not intend to carry out their education and research activities in Japanese.


3. Courses/Programmes 履修科目

Courses can be mainly categorised as follows:

■ Courses taught in Japanese 日本語での授業履修

Exchange students take regular courses taught in Japanese with local degree-seeking students as long as they have enough Japanese language abilities and they are not restricted.

Exchange students will belong to one of the faculties or graduate school of Gunma University, in which they will mainly study or do their research at when applying. 

〇 Please refer below for courses taught in Japanese in AY2021-2022

■ Japanese language courses

Gunma University International Centre (GUIC) offers Japanese language courses to exchange students.

【Credit bearing courses】単位付与がある科目

【Non-credit bearing courses】単位付与がない科目

Please refer below for Japanese language courses in AY 2021-2022.

Japanese courses are taken according to levels. The level of the Japanese language courses that each student is eligible to take is to be decided based on the result of the placement test.

4. How to apply 応募方法

■ Before applying 応募する前に
Please note that we do not accept any applications directly from individual students. Applicants should be officially nominated by their home universities and checked if they meet all criteria.

■ Application instructions 応募の手順
Applicants are required to complete and submit the below application materials through the exchange coordinator of their home institutions.

All documents must be prepared all in either Japanese or English.

Exchange Programme Application Form【Form A】
交換留学 応募申請書
Certificate of Enrollment issued by applicants’ home university
Official Academic Transcript
※ Explanation of grading system and GPA must be attached.
Letter of Recommendation
※ Must be signed and completed by Professor/Lecturer who has taught the applicant in academic course at applicants’ home university.
Proof of Japanese Language Proficiency (If applicable) 【Form B】
Proof of English Language Proficiency for non-native English speakers only
TOEFL iBT, IELTSのスコアコピーもしくは、様式自由の英語能力証明書
Copy of Passport
※ Must be valid through the end of exchange period.
Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) Application Form 【Form C】
※ Read the description carefully and fill in all the necessary information 0 highlighted yellow only. Please complete the application form (Excel file) from page 1 to 3 and return it as an excel file.
Financial Supporting Documents  【Form D】
ID Photo (Colour passport-sized photo) taken within the last three months in JPG or PNG format
5. Application schedule 応募スケジュール

Spring semester admission deadline: 4th of November 2022.

  Spring semester Fall semester
Nomination deadline 28th of October 2022 Middle of April
Application deadline 4th of November End of May
Application result Middle of December End of June
Acceptance package arrival (necessary documents for visa applications, and housing, etc) Beginning of February End of August
Recommended arrival dates End of March End of September
Semester starts Beginning of April Beginning of October
Semester ends Beginning of August Beginning of February

After receiving an acceptance package, students can start their visa applications at the Embassy of Japan in the country where they reside.  Students should not arrange flights or make travel commitments before obtaining their visas.

6. Accommodation 住居

For detailed information about housing, please see the below URL.

https://www.guic.gunma-u.ac.jp/admission/apartment (Japanese)
https://www.guic.gunma-u.ac.jp/english_sag/cost (English)

7. Insurances 保険

All international students including exchange students are required to enroll in the below health insurance systems:

〇National Health Insurance 国民健康保険(JPY 20,000 per year)

〇Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research 学研災 and Liability Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research 学陪(JPY 3,200 per year)

〇Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives coupled with PAS for International Students 付帯学総(JPY 11,500 per year)

8. Contact information and application inquires 問い合わせ先

International Affairs Office, Gunma University
E-mail: exchange_inbound@jimu.gunma-u.ac.jp
Tel: +81-27-220-7627
Address: 4-2, Aramaki-machi, Maeba-shi, Gunma, 371-8510, JAPAN