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協定校交換留学(受入)申込- Application for International Students Exchange Program –

– Application for International Students Exchange Program –

Guideline of application for Exchange Program of Gunma University
International Students Exchange Program (Inbound) October 2022
2022年10月受入 群馬大学 交換留学制度 募集要項


  Due to the COVID-19, our faculties might change the requirements of this exchange program or stop receiving exchange students in the academic year of 2022-2023. Please see the update to COVID-19 on our website.

1. Qualifications 応募条件

(1) Applicant must be a student from one of our partner universities while he or she is studying at Gunma University.
 After the completion of this exchange program, students should return back to home universities.
(1) 群馬大学に留学期間中、本学が交流協定を締結している大学の学生であること。

(2) Language Ability 言語能力

 Since most of lectures in bachelor course are carried out in Japanese, exchange students should have sufficient Japanese abilities to understand lectures and follow instructions from teachers.
 Generally, exchange students need to pass Level N2 or Level N1 of the Japanese language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
 At Kiryu campus, School of Science and Technology, graduate students should have a sufficient English language ability and undergraduate students should have a Japanese language ability equivalent to the Level N2 of JLPT, so that students are able to take further courses or to pursue more research activities.
 At Aramaki campus, exchange students whose Japanese language ability evaluates at either JLPT Level N2 or passed Level N3 should take the Intermediate Japanese Course of Liberal Arts consisting of 13 classes per week during the 16 week in fall 2022. This is a credited course.

本学の通常の学部レベル授業は日本語で行われるため、日本語能力検定試験を基準とした場合、 N2合格またはN1受験相当の日本語能力がないと、授業を理解することは困難です。

2. Application deadline 提出期限

※Students must be nominated by your home universities.

  Deadline of Nomination Deadline of Submission of Application
Fall semester 2022 (from October, 2022)

until March 1,2022
Please apply for nominations here.

 until March 10,2022
3-1. Required documents 提出書類
(1) 4-page Exchange Student Application Forms 申請書 4枚
Download link for the application form (1): 2022_in_app by WORD(1/4-3/4)2022_in_app by EXCEL(4/4) 2022_in_app by PDF
(2) Study plan / Research plan 1 copy
Study or Research Plan by WORD
(Please write in English or Japanese in the final page of the application form. Study plan written in other languages will not be accepted. Write specifically which area you want to study Gunma University based on undergraduate expertise and your own interest.)
学習/研究計画書 1枚
(申請書の所定書式で和文または英文で作成すること。 学部の専門性と自身の興味との関係からどのような学習を群馬大学で行いたいか具体的に書いてください。)
(3) Certificate of Enrollment (of home university) 所属大学の在学証明書
(4) Transcript (of home university) 所属大学の成績証明書
*The certificate of (3) and (4) should be attached with English or Japanese translations. *(3)と(4)の証明書は和文か英文の訳文を添付してください。
(5) Reference from your (college) tutor
(It should be attached with English or Japanese translations. Reference written in other languages will not be accepted.)
(6) A copy of your transcript for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), or a reference verifying your Japanese language proficiency from your Japanese language instructor at home university. 日本語能力試験(JLPT)の成績表写又は原籍大学の日本語担当の先生による意見書
(7) (If possible), attach a copy of your score of TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, etc. (あれば)英語能力を示す証明書(TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTSなど)
(8) Proof of sufficient funds for financial support or a financial statement from the student’s guarantor/financial supporter 預貯金の残高証明書
It costs a minimum of about 80,000 to 100,000 yen per month to live in Gunma. 群馬での生活費として 最低、1ヵ月に約80,000-100,000円程度かかります。
Please attach a Certificate of Bank Balance indicating an adequate amount of funds for applying the Certificate of Eligibility (COE). 在留資格認定を申請するために十分な預金残高のある銀行口座残高証明書を添付してください。
(9) 3-sheet application of Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
(Fill “For applicant” part1.2.3.)
在留資格認定証明書交付申請書 3シート
Download link for the application form
(9): PDF
(10) Passport-size photograph date for the COE application sheet and student ID card. Date file format is JPG or PNG only. 顔写真データ(在留資格認定証明書申請および学生証発行用) データ形式は、JPGもしくはPNG
3-2. How to submit the application 申請方法

Send all the application documents in PDF (the student’s photo in JPG or PNG) format by e-mail via your college tutor or academic staffs who are responsible for international exchange at your university.
Please send ALL the documents together in a ZIP file and the scanned pictures of documents must be clear enough for us to read.

Our e-mail address: exchange_inbound@jimu.gunma-u.ac.jp
宛先: exchange_inbound@jimu.gunma-u.ac.jp

Size of attached files is limited to 10mega bytes.

You do not need to send your application documents via mail.

4-1. Outline of Gunma University 群馬大学の概要


4-2. 2022 Academic Calendar 学年暦
Spring Semester
Early April, 2022 ~ early August, 2022 (16 weeks)
Summer Vacation
Middle August, 2022~September 30, 2022
Fall Semester
October 1, 2022 ~ Early February, 2023(16 weeks)
Spring Vacation
Middle February, 2023 ~ March 31, 2023
4-3. Credits and transcript 単位認定、成績証明書
5. Accommodations
~ International House and off-campus rental apartments ~
住居 ~国際交流会館と民間アパート~

About our dormitory for international student, check our official website below:

English site: http://www.guic.gunma-u.ac.jp/english_sag/cost#cost05
Japanese site : http://www.guic.gunma-u.ac.jp/admission/apartment

After the acceptance letter being issued, we will send you further information for housing.

6. Insurance  保険

After arriving in Japan,  student should apply for an insurance which is designated by university.

Casualty and Accident Insurance     Premium  1,340 yen/year

Liability Insurance                          Premium  1,860 yen/year





災害傷害保険    保険料  1,340円/年

賠償保険      保険料  1,860円/年

7. Scholarship  奨学金

Currently, there is no guarantee for any scholarships.


8. Contact 連絡先

Administration: International Office, Gunma University
E-mail: exchange_inbound@jimu.gunma-u.ac.jp
TEL: +81 27 220 7627, FAX: +81 27 220 7630
ADDRESS: 4-2 Aramaki-machi, Maebashi-City, Gunma, 371-8510, JAPAN
担当:群馬大学国際課 (住所:〒371-8510 日本国群馬県前橋市荒牧町4-2)


* Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.