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非公開: Current International Students

National University Corporation GUNMA UNIVERSITY

List of items to be checked before leaving Japan

Before you finish the program and depart Gunma University, take the following steps as a guide. If you have any questions, please ask at the counter of each department or the International Affairs Division.

On Campus

Inform your Academic Advisor of your departure date, moving date, workplace and contact address.
Confirm the necessary procedures for your graduation/completion at the administrative office of your faculty/graduate school.
Fill out a questionnaire (with your contact address and (academic) career plan after graduation/completion).
Write an Academic Report
Apply for the following certificates at the administrative office of your faculty/graduate school.
卒業 / 修了 証明書 Certificate of Graduation
成績証明書 Official Transcript
If you are a member of the Co-op, cancel your membership and receive your investment refund.

※ Follow up on foreign students returning to home country is here.

At the Immigration Office

Conduct the necessary procedures relevant to the affiliated institutions. These can be handled not only by taking the documents to the counter at the Immigration Services Agency but also via mail and online. Please download the necessary documents from here.
* If processing via mail, please include a copy of your residence card and mail to the Notification Reception Desk of the Residence Management Information Department at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau. Please write “Notification Form Enclosed” in red, on the front of the envelope.
Mail to:
Notification Reception Desk
Residence Management Information Department
Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau
Yotsuya 1-6-1, Yotsuya Tower 14F
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004
* Please refer to here below for online processing.
Please note user registration is required in order to use the E-Notification System of the Immigration Bureau.
* Please submit your notification within 14 days of withdrawal (graduation, completion, etc.)

International House / apartment

Inform the International House / apartment caretaker one month in advance of the date you will leave, and follow the necessary procedures.
Cancel your public utility services two weeks in advance. Have your customer number, date to stop the service, current address, and next address with you. Be sure to pay your bills in full. You can leave your money with a friend who can pay the utility bill for the following month. There is an inquiry phone number on each bill.
Telephone company
Mobile phone
Clean your room and dispose of your garbage in the designated garbage station. Pay particular attention to the disposal of large trash such as electric appliances, beds and bookshelves. For disposal method, see here for Maebashi city and here for Kiryu city (Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese).

At the City Hall

A few days before returning to home country, go to the city hall, return the national health insurance card, pay the insurance premium and settle the account.
Submit a notification of moving out of Japan.
Return the My Number Card(Notification Card).

At the Bank

Procedures for closing bank accounts and post office accounts. Go to a bank, etc., and bring your passbook, card, and seal. However, if you have to withdraw your utility charges or card fees, be careful not to cancel your contract before you withdraw them.

The others

To cancel unnecessary credit cards and membership registration (rental DVDs, etc.).
Return something borrowed (Library books, rental DVDs, university materials and equipment, personal rentals from friends, etc.).
Return your residence card to the immigration officer at the airport.

Regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the novel coronavirus(Covid-19), there are restrictions on the entry of travelers from Japan and restrictions on conditions and activities upon entry in each country and region.
Please check by yourself if you can enter the country before you go back to your country.

In addition, PCR tests (at your own expense) are conducted in Gunma Prefecture. Please refer here for medical institutions that can issue certificates (in English) for overseas travel.
(Some countries and regions have their own forms of certificates or designation of medical institutions, so please check in advance if medical institutions supports them.)


*If you intend to stay in Japan after graduation or completion, you will need to go through procedures such as changing your visa status or renewing your visa period.
For more information, see “大学を卒業/修了する時” here.