Current International Students

List of items to be checked before leaving Japan

The following are probable procedures that you need to conduct before you leave Gunma University. Please contact each administrative office or the International Office for any inquiries.

On Campus

Inform your Academic Advisor of your departure date, moving date, workplace and contact address.
Confirm the necessary procedures for your graduation/completion at the administrative office of your faculty/graduate school.
Fill out a questionnaire (with your contact address and (academic) career plan after graduation/completion).
Write an Academic Report
Apply for the following certificates at the administrative office of your faculty/graduate school.
卒業 / 修了 証明書 Certificate of Graduation
成績証明書 Official Transcript
If you are a member of the Co-op, cancel your membership and receive your investment refund.
Apply for the Follow-up Technical Publication Donation by JASSO(free of charge for one year) if you wish.

At the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau (if you continue to reside in Japan)

Visit the Immigration Bureau in order to change your status of residence (if you are employed or are seeking employment) or to extend your period of stay (if you are entering another educational institute and your period of stay expires soon). Applications are accepted two months prior to the expiration date of your status of residence.

International House / apartment

Inform the International House / apartment caretaker one month in advance of the date you will leave, and follow the necessary procedures.
Cancel your public utility services two weeks in advance. Have your customer number, date to stop the service, current address, and next address with you. Be sure to pay your bills in full. You can leave your money with a friend who can pay the utility bill for the following month. There is an inquiry phone number on each bill.
Telephone company
Mobile phone
Clean your room and dispose of your garbage in the designated garbage station. Electric appliances and large trash such as beds, chairs, etc., should be taken care of properly. Recyclables can be left at the International Office.
Submit a Change-of-Address Notice to your nearest post office if you will continue to reside in Japan.

At the Municipal Office, bank and other offices

Visit the municipal office a few days before leaving/moving, in order to return your National Health Insurance card and pay the necessary premiums.
Cancel your bank account / post bank account. Bring your bankbook, bankcards and seal (hanko) with you. If you need to transfer money after you leave Japan, fill in the cancellation form and a letter of attorney form, and ask a friend to conduct the necessary procedures for you.

At the Airport (if you are leaving Japan)

Return your Residence Card to the Immigration official.