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Address from the GUIC Director

From the Director of Gunma University International Center

 As a “knowledge hub”, Gunma University aims to be a university that can play an active role with a global perspective while serving as a foundation for local communities.

We at the International Centre believe that it is important to create opportunities to value diversity and collaboration. We will further develop student exchange programs for both short and long-term, as well as global project-based learning and internship programs under collaboration with our partner universities. We would also like to promote online and blended learning in partnership with a number of strategic partner universities.

For students from overseas, Gunma is close to Tokyo, but it is rich in nature, a world away. It is also a comfortable place to live in which you find yourselves. I would like you to experience life in Gunma by participating in Japanese language education, Japanese culture courses and projects that work with local governments and companies along with Japanese students.

We hope that you will enjoy all the campus has to offer, by engaging with a variety of people, including faculty members, alumni associations, and local residents. We will further collaboration with overseas organizations from various aspects such as education, research and social contribution. We welcome your opinions or requests. We will work with you to create a diverse knowledge base.

Director of International Center, Vice President,
Professor of Cooperative Faculty of Education
Mari Tanaka