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GUIC Events reports

Gunma University holds various kinds of events throughout the year for international students in order for them to learn about Japanese culture, history, economy, etc. Attending those events will give you opportunities to acquire useful knowledge that may help you to attain a deeper understanding about Japan. You will be able to form closer friendships with other international students as well. We hope you will consider participating in some of these events.

1.Study of Japan

This mainly to help international exchange students learn more about traditional Japanese culture. Students can participate in a tea ceremony and experience Japanese flower arrangement and calligraphy first hand. In 2007, students also visited an ancient tomb.

2. Field trips for foreign students

Field trips are scheduled every September, February and March, mainly for international students. Information will be provided on posters, flyers, etc., about two months before each trip.

September (International Camp): A study trip by bus and/or train

 In September, both international students and Japanese full-time regular students can attend the camp.